We are a group of board game enthusiasts from Indonesia. Our group is professional-wise considerably diverse. You can find a designer, an architect, a food technologist, and many more.

Because of this, we believe that everyone can love board games. Although the continents part us, we have been channelling our passion for board games through this platform since 2018.



During the Spiel Essen 2018, we held our very first website's premiere. You can find the three Meeple Eksyen's founders below. Until today, one of them is still contributing to Meeple Eksyen, while the others still support the site now and then. Of course, the tasks to maintain this pro-bono project would be impossible in the first place if we don't get any support from our contributors.



My main job is doing design graphic stuff. I can provide a repair service for your board game components and help you to fulfil your Print-and-Play dreams. I get many projects for local board games prototype.

It also helps me to support the Preview division in this team.



I give honest and detailed opinions about board games to help other fellow newcomers in the board game community. My background is in architecture, but I was also active in my campus' magazine club.



As many suggested, my profession as a food technologist is way too far from this industry. I have visited various board game events, not only as a visitor but also as a journalist. During my free time, I also manage a few board & card game communities.



Since the number of board games is steadily growing every year, Meeple Eksyen needs to adapt.

There are other people who share our cause! They take part in this journey and give their best efforts to help this website grows! Of course, we keep accepting people who have the same vision and mission to join us.

Let’s meet our precious creative minds.


REVIEWER (S. 2019)

My background in food technology is similar to Stephan's. My reasons to contribute is that I like board games and also own a board game store in Indonesia. You are welcome to visit when you're in town. Currently, I am very interested in Dungeon & Dragons.


REVIEWER (S. 2019)

I contribute because I love to play board games. Anyway, I am still a student who pursues my IT degree. My part-time job in a board game store helps me to support this project. During my free time, I play the Pokémon TCG Indonesia competitively.


CREATIVE (S. 2019)

Unlike the other contributors who like to try all types of board games,

I only play casual and light ones. Therefore, with my degree in Visual Design Communication, I am taking a more active role as the creative team in this project. 


REVIEWER (S. 2020)

Even before making an acquaintance with this industry, I have been a gamer for my whole life. Other gamers introduced me to modern board games in 2019. Since then, I am in love with unboxing those boxes and punching the tokens. I also manage a board game gallery on Instagram.


Are you a board game enthusiast and want to do something more than just having fun? We believe everyone can bring something to contribute to our small team. Do not hesitate to contact us! We'll always need additional helping hands on board.

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