Who We Are

We are a group of board game enthusiasts from Indonesia. Our group is professional-wise considerably diverse; you can find a designer, an architect, a food technologist, and many more here. Because of this, we believe that everyone can love board games. Although we are currently parted between continents, we are still channelling our passion for board games through this platform.

The Pioneers


Our website was premiered during the Spiel Essen 2018. Below you can find the three founders of Meeple Eksyen. They are still contributing to Meeple Eksyen every now and then. Of course, they cannot do this if they are not helped by the contributors!

Hana Aurellia


I can repair board game components and help you fulfill your Print and Play dreams besides doing design graphic stuff.

Stephan Sonny


I have visited various international board game events as a journalist and manage a few board game communities.

Athalia Lie


I give honest and detailed opinions about board games to help other fellow newcomers in the board game community.

The Contributors


Since the number of board games is steadily growing every year, Meeple Eksyen needs to adapt. There are other people who share our cause! They take part in this journey and give their best efforts to help this website grows! Of course, we keep accepting people who have the same vision and mission to join us. Let’s meet our precious creative minds.

Geoffrey Benawar


I like board games and currently have a very big interest in Dungeon & Dragons.

Ezequiel Emeraldo


I just love to play board games. I also like Pokémon so much.

Stephanie Sunaryo

Creative Designer

I love casual board games and currently act as designer for Meeple Eksyen.

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